Electronic Services

Internet Banking
Farmers State Bank of Elkton offers free online banking. Sign up for a simple, safe and secure means of banking when and where you want.  To activate secure Internet Banking access please contact us



Automated Telephone Banking
With our telephone banking service, all your bank information is at your fingertips. Our service allows you to access account history and balances, make transfers between accounts and make loan payments.

Money Wiring
Here’s another simple way to get money somewhere fast. You can authorize the bank to electronically send money to another financial institution or receive funds into your account at our bank. 

Direct Deposits
With direct deposit there is no need to bring your paycheck to the bank. Have your employer send it electronically. It is a simple way to save postage cost and a little gas.

Our Web site provides printable applications for opening accounts, loan request, cash/check card request, money wiring request and employment applications.


Our card provides the convenience of plastic and the benefits of cash.   The Instant Cash and check card works just like your checkbook, but is much faster and more convenient than writing a check. The card looks like a regular credit card but works like your check because the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. No check writing means no need to carry a bulky checkbook. Our ATM Cash/check card is accepted wherever you see the VISA sign.

Facsimile and Copies
If you are in need of sending a fax or making copy of a document, our staff can assist you.

Financial Calculators
The financial calculators on our Web site are an excellent resource we have available for you to use. Please use them as often as you like.

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